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About Me

I believe that storytelling is the foundation of community. 

Born and raised in New Hampshire, I have a lot of pride for the northeast. I studied studio art, German, and math at Middlebury College in Vermont. From 2011-2014, Dylan Ladds and I directed an award-winning documentary about the New Hampshire surfing community, The Granite Stoke.

Recently, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to experience a new landscape and meet new people. 

I like to surround myself with passionate people so I am constantly learning and challenging myself to be better. The filmmaking process has connected me with incredible people and brought me to amazing places.

When I'm not making films with and/or about passionate people, I'm often chasing sunrise surf sessions or exploring new trails. When not outside, I like to be in the kitchen making a fresh loaf of bread or a new batch of ice cream.  


Named "NH Filmmaker of the Year" with Dylan Ladds for our work on The Granite Stoke


I specialize in authentic adventure films and documentary style shorts.

I aim to build community through my videos by collaborating with creative and passionate people and businesses.


Dooster is a collaborative video and photography studio

Dylan Ladds and I met in fourth grade and have been making videos together since middle school. Dylan’s DV camera allowed us to create and experiment and we just loved working with friends. We made our own spy films, claymations, and behind the scenes interviews. 

We’ve grown up a little since then; now we make adventure films, music videos, and portraits of inspiring people and companies. Thankfully we are no longer shooting on DV, but we are still fueled by that same playful passion to create and collaborate.